Jazz Buchanan Creations – Gàidhlig air isle20

Highland cow cards and more from Elgol in Skye!

Tha Jazz Buchanan stèidhichte san Eilean Sgitheanach, ann an Elgol.

‘S e dealbhadair a th’innte agus bidh i a’ tarraing dhealbhan àlainn. ‘S iad crodh Ghaidhealach na rudan a bhios i a’ tarraing as trice!

Jazz Buchanan is based in Elgol in the Isle of Skye.

She is an artist who draws delightful illustrations and island-scapes. Highland cows feature regularly in what she draws!

I am a freelance illustrator based in Elgol, Isle of Skye. I design gifts and souvenirs, such as mugs, greeting cards, art prints, crafts and more. I also provide illustrations and cartoons for magazines, newspapers or businesses and I get asked to do caricature portraits.


Dè mu dhèidhinn a’ Ghàidhlig?

What about Gaelic?

Dh’innis Jazz dhuinn gu bheil i ag obair gu cruaidh gus Gàidhig ionnsachadh, agus gu bheil i ga cleachdadh na h-obair, agus na dealbhan!

Jazz told us that she is working hard to learn Gaelic. She uses it at work, and in her products.

I do a few Gaelic lessons each day to keep learning Gaelic and I try to use Gaelic when pointing things out to my 1-year old son (in the hope that he’ll learn the language too). I also use a little bit of Gaelic in my daytime job as administrator at an accountancy, where we have a lot of Gaelic speaking clients.

I include Gaelic in my designs, such as Gaelic greeting cards and mugs, and thinking of creating more products with Gaelic.

I love using Gàidhlig in my designs as a way to help keep the language alive. I grew up abroad listening to Runrig’s Gaelic songs and it means a lot to me to support interest in the language.


Dè am facal Gàidhlig as fheàrr leat?

What’s your favourite Gaelic word?

Buntàta, meaning potato. Not sure why I like it but it rolls off the tongue really well!

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