Ruth Brough

We’re heading up to Sanday in Orkney to meet fused glass artist Ruth Brough.

Ruth makes a range of Orkney inspired fused glass pendants, coasters and sun catchers. She lives and works in lovey island of Sanday which is one of the northern Orkney Isles.

She lives on her family beef cattle and sheep farm with a huge menagerie of other animals and pets. Ruth, like many islanders, is a busy person, also working in social care for Crossroads, caring in the community that means so much to her.

Inspired by Orkney

Although not native to Orkney, she moved to Orkney in 1997, and all her children were born and have grown up in Sanday, which is one of the Northern Isles. “I love the island and its community. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else”. 

Orkney is a constant source of inspiration – the landscapes and wildlife! “I just love it here”! 

Her plans to keep on creating her beautiful fused glass pieces and putting herself out there and promoting her products. Ruth says “Being a part of isle20 has really boosted my confidence.” 

Ruth would love to visit the Isle of Lewis and see the Callanish standing stones……. for more inspiration perhaps?

Visit Ruth’s isle20 shop by clicking HERE and see her stunning fused glass pieces, they make great gifts and keepsakes and mementos of trips to the stunning Orkney isles!

From the shop