I’m Rhoda Meek. I run Tiree Tea and work in software.

There are a lot of island businesses in Scotland who will struggle badly as non-essential travel restrictions reduce numbers of tourists.

There is so much talent out there! The goal of isle20 is two-fold: to give that talent a platform by driving traffic to them, and to help small island business to sell more online.

If you are a business in the Scottish islands selling a product, you can get a free listing here to generate traffic. It doesn’t need to be a complete online shop – a basic website or facebook page is fine, as long as there’s a means for potential customers to contact you.

The business listings on isle20.com are free. I am not taking or making any money from them. I am hugely grateful to the Scottish Islands Federation who have stepped in to cover the practical costs of the free listings. They do a lot of work to support our islands and you can find out more about them here – @ScotIslandsFed on Twitter, and on Facebook.

In addition to the free listings: To help make it even easier for island business to sell during Covid19, I’m experimenting with creating a marketplace where anyone can sell items quickly and easily with fast friendly support (me!).

A few folk had approached me asking about having website shops built, or managed/updated, but that takes time and involves a substantial upfront cost at a time when a lot of us don’t have spare change kicking about. So, I decided a new experiment was in order – a marketplace. 

I am essentially creating an Etsy for island businesses. People who visit isle20 will get the chance to browse the marketplace, and see all products, as well as search and buy from more than one of us at once. 

Some of the folk selling via isle20 don’t currently have an online shop, or a means of taking online payments. Other folk have an online shop, but are selling a few things via isle20 in order to boost their profile. There is more information about how it works here.

As I mentioned above, the original concept of the listings remains free. You can still submit your shop, get listed at no cost, and enjoy any traffic that comes your way.

Rhoda x

ps. Please send help requests, problems, issues or bugs to rhoda@tireetea.co.uk