Where in the Scottish islands can you see Orcas?

It’s a question asked by many visitors to the Scottish islands every year. The numbers of orcas, whales and other sea mammals has been a bit of a nature success story in the Scottish islands in recent years, which is GREAT news but there are no guarantees! So, where in the Scottish islands can you see Orcas?

It seems to be easier than ever to see an orca while you are on an island adventure. Perhaps this is more to do with the opportunities available to see them. There is so much interest in seeing whales, dolphins and orcas in their natural habitat, so people are actively looking for them.

We are also so well connected these days and there are groups on messaging apps spreading the word about sightings. So, when you are on holiday sign up to orca spotting and nature groups on social media and get connected!

Boat Trips or Coastal Walks?

So, where are the best places to go and see orcas? Remember it can be a bit hit or miss! The great thing about Orca spotting in the summer months is that they come inshore to hunt seals and can be seen from the coast. Obviously taking a boat trip can be a much more fun and exciting experience. There is also the potential for spotting lots of other sea mammals and birds.

Here are some island hot spots but there’s a chance of seeing them and all kinds of other wonderful sea life from all the Scottish islands.

  1. Orkney Isles 
  2. Shetland
  3. Isle of Mull
  4. Outer Hebrides 

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