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Sell with isle20

Sell with isle20

To help make it even easier for island business to sell during Covid19, I’m experimenting with creating a marketplace where anyone can sell items quickly and easily with fast friendly support (me!).

A few folk had approached me asking about having website shops built, or managed/updated, but that takes time and involves a substantial upfront cost at a time when a lot of us don’t have spare change kicking about. So, I decided a new experiment was in order – a marketplace. 

I am essentially creating an Etsy for island businesses. People who visit isle20 will get the chance to browse the marketplace, and see all products, as well as search and buy from more than one of us at once. 

Some of the folk selling via isle20 don’t currently have an online shop, or a means of taking online payments. Other folk have an online shop, but are selling a few things via isle20 in order to boost their profile. 

It is not a free service – I do take a fee for each item sold. However, it involves no upfront cost and therefore little risk. Here’s how it works.

  • You drop me a line and I will give you an isle20 account.
  • I help you get set up. I would need product photos, prices and descriptions – that’s it!
  • When you are happy with your page, we send it into the wild! You can link to it from anywhere. 
  • Customers can buy from you immediately using my online payment system – exactly the same as an online shop.
  • I take a fee based on the product price. For example, you would get 80% of the price of the item, and 100% of whatever shipping fee is set.
    • This covers things like my time, payment processing fees, hosting costs, security software and a variety of other costs associated with ecommerce!
  • You get an email notification about the purchase.
  • You ship the item to the customer
  • There are no fees other than when an item sells.
  • You are free to stop selling whenever you want.

I created a page for Tiree Chocolates which is a good example of what I am talking about (also, they are delicious). And is another good example.

A few of the benefits I hope it will offer are:

  • The less clicking people have to do to buy things, the more likely they are to follow through with a purchase.
    • Products for sale on isle20 will appear on the product page for their category – for example tweed products would appear on – increasing visibility
    • Products for sale on isle20 will appear on the island for their island – for example Tiree products appear on – increasing visibility
    • Products will appear on the main marketplace –
  • All businesses selling through isle20 will get regular individual posts on social media – in addition to being part of posts featuring groups of businesses.
  • All products will appear in the “shop” section of the isle20 facebook page, and will be tagged in facebook and instagram posts mentioning them – which in turn will take people directly to your product page on isle20.
  • I will handle all payment processing, set your shop up and provide support whenever you need it. 
    • This includes just about everything from photo editing to copy writing and gift voucher design if needed!
  • You can edit your products and add new ones if you want. The entire system is flexible, right down to adding stock levels and variable shipping – and I can help with that too!

If this is something you want to try out – even just with 1 or 2 products, please do let me know and we can give it a whirl! (I’m personally experimenting with using it to sell lettuce locally – I mean, why not?!)

The original concept of the listings remains free. You can still submit your shop, get listed at no cost, and enjoy any traffic that comes your way.

If the idea of selling via isle20 seems interesting, come talk to me. I’d be happy to tell you more.

Rhoda x