Puffins – Everyone’s favourite sea bird

Puffins are by far the cutest wee sea bird that you will find on our island cliffs.

From April to August puffins return from a winter at sea to their cliff side burrows to nest and bring out a chick. The arrival of the puffins is a sure sign that summer is on the way!

Here are FIVE FACTS about Puffins


All the romantics out there will love the idea of this! But it’s really just because puffins return to the same nest each year. They get to know each other again by turning their heads from side to side and knocking their colourful beaks together.


Puffins nest in little burrows. They dig them out using their feet and bills and make a nest from feathers and grass. Sometimes puffins will move into a rabbit burrow, pecking and chasing the usual occupant out!


Is that not the cutest name ever? Puffins lay just one egg and a baby puffin isn’t as colourful as its parents. They fly the nest after just six weeks. Young puffins spend two or three years at sea before returning to the cliffs to find a mate. You can check out the Sumburgh Head Puffin Cam HERE


They can catch and carry around10 sand eels their beaks in one go. However, the record was an amazing 83 sand eels in one puffin’s beak! Puffins usually fish in the morning, so the evening is a good time to try and see them on the cliffs.


Even though they haven’t got the most aero-dynamic shape and only have a wingspan of about 20”. They are pretty speedy and can travel at a top speed of 55 mph with their little wings flapping at around 400 times a minute!

There you go FIVE FACTS about everyone’s favourite sea birds – puffins.

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