Zoisite in a Copper Cross with Rose Motif Necklace

Zoisite in a Copper Cross with Rose Motif Necklace

Sold by: Quiet Space Arts

Ruby zoisite within a copper cross with a rose motif and wire woven necklace. Comes with a black corded necklace 16″ and also a 2″ extension piece and a lobster claw clasp.

Size ~ L: 8cm x W: 5.5cm x H: 1cm and the size of ruby zoisite – L: 2.75cm x W: 2cm

16″ necklace cord with 2″ extender chain and lobster claw clasp.

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Copper is believed to help with arthritis due to its potential anti-inflammatory properties. When worn as jewellery or in the form of copper infused clothing or accessories, it’s said that the skin absorbs small amounts of copper, which may reduce inflammation and ease joint pain associated with arthritis.

However, scientific evidence supporting the efficacy of copper for arthritis relief is limited. Some studies suggest that the skin absorption of copper is minimal and might not be sufficient to have a significant impact on arthritis symptoms. Moreover, the placebo effect could also contribute to perceived benefits.

While some people report feeling relief with copper based products, it’s essential to approach these claims with caution. Consulting with a healthcare professional and considering other proven treatments for arthritis, such as medication, exercise, and physical therapy, remains crucial for effective management of the condition.

Ruby zoisite, also known as anyolite, is a fascinating crystal that combines the properties of both ruby and zoisite. Metaphysically, it is believed to possess a unique blend of energies from these two minerals, offering a range of benefits:

  1. Heart Activation: Zoisite, the green component, is associated with the heart chakra. It’s believed to stimulate feelings of love, compassion, and healing. This aspect of ruby zoisite encourages emotional healing and helps open the heart to give and receive love.
  2. Vitality and Passion: Ruby, the red component, is a stone of passion and life force energy. It’s associated with the root chakra and is believed to enhance vitality, courage, and passion for life. Ruby brings strength and a zest for living, promoting a sense of power and confidence.
  3. Balance and Harmony: The combination of red ruby and green zoisite is thought to create a harmonious balance between the heart and root chakras. This balance is believed to facilitate spiritual growth, inner strength, and emotional equilibrium.
  4. Transformation and Growth: Ruby zoisite is considered a stone of transformation. It’s believed to assist in releasing old patterns or behaviors that no longer serve one’s highest good, promoting personal growth and transformation.
  5. Spiritual Connection: Some practitioners believe that ruby zoisite can aid in connecting with higher spiritual realms and accessing one’s spiritual potential. It’s thought to enhance psychic abilities and intuition.

When using ruby zoisite for metaphysical purposes, people often incorporate it into meditation, carry it as a talisman, wear it as jewellery, or place it in living spaces to benefit from its energetic properties. As with any crystal or stone, individual experiences with its metaphysical aspects can vary widely.

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