Mother’s Day Jewellery

If the mother in your life loves our Scottish islands, why not delight her with a precious piece of Mother’s Day jewellery. Be they your Mum, your Granny, or the mother of your children, there’s a beautiful jewel here for everyone.

For a truly special Mother’s Day jewellery gift, take a look through a stunning display of options on Locally made pieces reflect the culture, geology, colours, landscapes and seascapes of our Scottish islands.

Our talented makers fashion shining, silver-encased semi-precious stones, sea-glass and sea-pottery into necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches and rings. They intricately carve symbolic Celtic, Viking and Pictish patterns and lettering into metal, stone and wood. 

Jewellery from Lewis and Harris

Named after the most ancient and hardest bedrock of their island, Gneiss Things produce a lovely jewellery range in Harris.

Gneiss Things use a variety of locally sourced stone to make pendants, bracelets and earrings as well as keyrings and bowls. They shape and polish chunks of greenstone, basalt, granite, pink pegmatite, white marble, and of course Lewissian Gneiss until they shine! Each piece is totally unique, making this is a great choice for a special gift!

In neighbouring Lewis, Gillian uses colourful stones and fragments of sea-pottery in her Wild Shores Jewellery Design. She shapes silver to depict waves, sand, seascapes and flora. Then she turns these beauties into necklaces, earrings and rings. 

Mother’s Day Jewellery from Orkney

Up on the Orkney north island of Stronsay, Marion Miller’s workshop overlooks the wild Sound of Auskerry. Her silver, enamel and gemstone jewellery reflects an intricate, colourful, delight of seashore imagery. All those shells we love to collect – cowries, limpets, cockles – Marion captures beautifully in silver. Silvery fish, seashores, sand patterns and kelp bring the island seashore to life in every piece. A perfect peice of mother’s day jewellery for a beach lover!

Jewellery from Tiree

At Whalesong Tiree, Catriona winds silver around seaglass to capture the magic of our island environment whilst Tiree Marble Jewellery sculpts the unique green marble..

And there’s lots more to choose from in the jewellery aisle of isle20. Buy your mum a piece of the Scottish islands!

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