Rosalind Jewell

For the latest Meet the Islander blog we have travelled to the Isle of Colonsay in the Inner Hebrides to meet Rosalind Jewell.

Rosalind is an artist who specialises in paintings of landscapes, places of interest, as well as greetings cards and postcards she also does glass engraving.

A Sense of People and Place

We asked Rosalind about things that inspire her and what plans and projects she has in the pipeline. Rosalind finds inspiration from the natural landscape and a sense of people and place. If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting Colonsay you can understand where that inspiration comes from.

Rosalind’s plans include developing a series of paintings of well known and remote places in Colonsay and Oransay. These are sure to be fantastic. Rosalind’s painting really evokes a sense and feeling of island life.

The last two years have been a challenge as Rosalind tried to keep a thread of creativity alive throughout the lockdowns whilst expecting a baby. Well done Rosalind and congratulations!

As well as working as an artist Rosalind, like many islanders combines this with many roles. She is a mum, a Healthcare Assistant for the NHS and also as a Development Officer for the island’s community development company.

Living Life to the Full

I asked Rosalind what being an islander meant to her – being an islander to Rosalind is ‘to live in a way that embraces life fully and in a way that contributes to the progress and sustainability of the island’.

Sounds like a great way to embrace life and live island life to the full to us! 

She would love to visit Shetland and Orkney someday. To explore these archipelagos and learn about the culture and history of these islands. These islands have so many similarities as well as many differences to the Inner Hebrides.

To see more of Rosalind wonderful art visit her isle20 shop by clicking HERE.

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