Marion Miller

Marion Miller lives and works on her business Marion Miller Jewellery in Orkney. She is passionate about the natural world and that comes through in her beautiful jewellery designs.

‘The sea and shore never ceases to amaze and inspire me. Shapes in the sand, the outline of waves, beach finds, patterns on rocks and shells of course’. Lately Marion has become an obsessive shell collector which can be clearly seen in her newest additions to her isle20 shop.

“There are so many shells on the beaches on my island. Some are more rare than others. I have started making shells in silver as one of a kind pieces. 

“There is an element of artistic licence but I try to replicate them as I find them. I am excited to carry on and develop this project of handmade shells.”

The last couple of years the challenge of trying to completely sell online has been huge but very rewarding. She has just finished a new Marion Miller Jewellery website and is always updating her isle20 shop too.

As well as making beautiful jewellery Marion has a beef cattle farm and some sheep and she also works with Support for Learning in the Stronsay School.

“Being an islander means always being adaptable to face and conquer the challenges that living on an island can present, not forgetting to mention the weather challenges too. The best thing about island life is the immense sense of freedom to be who you want to be and that your children can run free, there’s a wonderful sense of security being a part of a close knit community.” 

Marion has set her sights on visiting Mull and Iona to experience a much different environment to that of Orkney.