Heather Macleod

Heather and her husband Les live and work in the beautiful island of Arran. 

Heather is an artist painting on silk and oil on canvas. She also works with other textiles, eco-printing and shibori dyeing. Les makes beautiful scented candles. As well as being an artist Heather is a musician which challenges her focus of inspiration and sparks her creativity. 

If you have ever visited Arran (if you haven’t, put it on your list!) you’ll know where Heather finds her inspiration and her love of colour. 

Like many people the lockdown gave Heather the time to re-discover and explore painting with oils, it would be great to see some of her work in the future on isle20 but in the meantime check out her online shop on www.isle20.com/market/arranstudio/ where you can find her gorgeous and colourful painted ceramic tiles and beautifully scented candles.

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