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Hey everyone, just a little update to apologise that my store has no items for sale currently. I've been so hectic locally that I haven't been able to add anything to my online shop. Fingers crossed for restocking here in the autumn/winter. I hope many folk have been able to reach our island shores for holidays and some R & R.

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Mosaic & Felt Creations

Inspired by the sea and wild shores around the Island of Islay.

Mosaics made from vintage china, found items including sea glass and pottery gathered along Islay’s shores, and mosaic tiles.

 Felt pictures created using merino wool and various threads and silks for embellishment, inspired by the colours of Islay through all seasons and weathers.


Much of my Time exploring Islay has been from a kayak bike or walk or more recently, nights out in our new self-converted camper Barry. This has had a big impact on my use of colour and my love of including skerries in my felt pictures and blue iridescent tiles in my mosaics, inspired in particular by the beautiful South East coast of Islay. This winter I’ve also started swimming in the sea and this has helped so much with getting outside in winter, immersed in the elements, literally, and drawing on inspiration whilst enjoying the moment and the wonderful ‘zingyness’ when you get out 🙂