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Susie Lamb Art

About me

I have always been drawn to the colourful things in life. The tones and movements in the natural world which lift the spirit and grip the attention for hours. I have long worked in watercolour, pastels and acrylic, enjoying the directness and energy of pigment on paper while teaching art in schools. I now use these in combination with ink, charcoal and found natural materials.

My work attempts to embrace colour and capture the energy of the wildlife and landscapes of Scotland by using pigment in expressive and often abstract ways. 

My influences are the seascapes and skies of the coastal edges, particularly the movements at sunrise and sunset. Drawn to the ever-changing appearances of the island landscapes during the shifts in light, I attempt to catch the feel of these moments in time using colour and texture.

I use acrylics, watercolour, soft pastels, stone and and sand in my paintings; creating layers of colour and movement by the use of loose brush work alongside the use of palette knives, twigs and other found objects. The paint is scratched and sketched onto and into with pastels and ink.