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Ruth Brough

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Arts, crafts and animal mad I live on the island of Sanday, one of Orkneys northern isles. I combine my love of the natural world with my passion for creativity using a variety of different mediums, but especially glass. I am constantly inspired and surprised by the beauty around me, I have been drawn towards towards nature-plants and animals alike. As well as being an artist I am also a keen gardening which can prove quite challenging in Orkney at times. I am a ‘retired’ Vet nurse and I currently am involved in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation in Orkney. I live with my family on our small farm, and vast array of companion animals, from tortoises to owls. Although glass is a relitively new art medium for me I absolutely love it, but I still continue to do felting drawing and painting. Quite often I use a mix of these to create a piece. All the pieces I make are unique as, so far, I have never recreated the same piece twice in the same medium. Thank you for looking 🙂