Five things you didn’t know about Highland Cows.

Who doesn’t LOVE a Highland Cow? They’re cute, they’re fluffy and does anything say Scotland more than a Highland Coo? Here are five things you didn’t know about Highland cows.

So here are FIVE things you didn’t know (or maybe you did) about everyone’s favourite bovine – Highland Cows!

  • Highland cows are known collectively as a fold and not a herd.
  • When Highland cows become friends they show affection by licking and play fighting with each other.
  • Both males and females have horns.
  • Their long and shaggy coat helps keep them cosy and dry during the harsh winter weather and they’re not just the classic red colour…..their coats range from a light honey yellow to black.
  • The graze all day and can eat up to 70kg of grass a day that’s like eating 700 banana muffins!

A Highland cow’s thick and fluffy coat is perfectly designed for highland and island living and more and more island crofts are adding cows, and Highland cows in particular to their crofting flocks. Not only are they a cute addition they are a valuable asset too.

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