Christie Country Crafts – Gàidhlig air isle20

Cross stitch cards, keyrings and more!

Tha Fiona bho Christie Country Crafts a’ fuireach ann an Eilean a’ Cheò – no an t-Eilean Sgitheanach mar a th’againn air cuideachd.

‘S e cross stitch a tha a’ còrdadh rithe agus bidh i a’ sgrìobhadh na pàtrain aice fhèin.

Fiona from Christie Country Crafts lives in the Isle of Skye. Eilean a’ Cheò (the island of the mist) is what it is often as in Gaelic.

Cross stitch is her passion and her products feature patterns which she has written herself.

I am an experienced cross stitcher and crafter who makes a variety of greetings cards and gift items using patterns that I have designed over many years. I make my products in my home on the beautiful Isle of Skye in the Inner Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland. I take inspiration from the colours and scenery of our island, along with designing for specific events and occasions.


Dè mu dhèidhinn a’ Ghàidhlig?

What about Gaelic?

Dh’innis Fiona dhuinn gu bheil i ag ionnsachadh na Gàidhlig le Duolingo agus

Tha i a’ cleachdadh Gaidhlig ann an cuid den bhathar a tha i a’ reic. Chì sibh gu h-ìosail iad!

Fiona told us that she is currently learning Gaelic, and using and Duolingo to do it.

She uses Gaelic in some of her products as well – you can see them below!

I hope one day to be fluent enough to use it more within my daily communication.


Dè am facal Gàidhlig as fheàrr leat?

What’s your favourite Gaelic word?

Sgoinneil, meaning brilliant – it’s one of those words where I now find myself using the Gaelic more than the English

Chither tuilleadh bho Fiona anns a’ bhùth! Tha cairtean, seudrach agus barrachd aice…

See more from Fiona in the shop, including cross stitch cards and jewellery!