Moongazing hares

We’ve got a lot of moongazing hares, and other hare-related items for sale on isle20! It is alleged that the Celts considered hares to be magical, mystical creatures. They were never eaten. Rather, they were accorded great respect. They were symbols of growth, new-beginnings and prosperity. In Europe the hare became synonymous with moon-related deities.Read more ⟶

Handmade Christmas Decorations

Thanks to our amazing island makers, we boast an incredible collection of handmade Christmas decorations! From banners and baubles to wood slices and wee cottages, there’s something to grace any Christmas tree. I add a new decoration every year. If you are like me, then you will love there! I’ve got my eye on theRead more ⟶

The Island Life Calendar Competition Winners – 2023

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Island Life calendar competition! We’ve been blown away by all the brilliant entries! The judges had some hard choices to make, and in the end we decided that two images should appear for each month – a main image, and a smaller inset one. Without furtherRead more ⟶

Corinna Krause – Sollas Bookbinding, North Uist

By Julia Welstead As I park alongside a sleek woodclad house, home to Sollas Bookbinding, a woman flits past the window, ushering me in with a welcoming wave. I walk into a familiarly busy kitchen scene: children, puppy, baking, washing, breakfast, homework, games, projects, ringing telephones….all ably orchestrated and overseen by the woman I haveRead more ⟶

Julie & Steve Olley – Croft 36, Harris

By Julia Welstead I’m in croft heaven. Twice-my-height willows sway and flex in the breeze all around me, thriving on fertile coastal ground knee deep with grasses and sedges, buttercups and rushes, marsh marigold and silverweed. Veggie patches and fruit bushes blend into this biodiverse haven, organic in every sense. A polytunnel crammed with burgeoningRead more ⟶