A Taste of Shetland – with Claire White

We’ve been meeting up with Claire White from Taste of Shetland to hear about the seasonal delights from the northern isles.

In Shetland the simmer dim days are stretching longer and the instinctive urge to sample nature’s larder is growing stronger. Rhubarb, wild garlic and dandelion syrup have been on our seasonal household menu this week, accompanying Shetland food staples loved by locals and increasingly cottoned onto by culinary tourists.

If you’ve never tasted seafood caught or farmed in the cool waters surrounding our islands, or savoured the flavour of Shetland lamb, then please add these experiences to your bucket list now!

If you can’t make your own foodie pilgrimage to Britain’s northernmost outpost, why not treat yourself to a Shetland delicacy or two online? From Shetland Reel Gin, to fish, meat, speciality biscuits, preserves and even Shetland butter, a taste of the isles can be delivered direct to your door.

You can discover delicious food from all over the Scottish islands by visiting the isle20 shop.

Like isle20 between 23rd and 26th June 2022 Taste of Shetland is exhibiting at the Royal Highland Show in Edinburgh for the first time. Here you can taste Shetland scallops, monkfish, crab, lamb and sassermaet in their unadulterated glory. Feast your eyes on quality arts, crafts and gifts from all the Scottish islands at the isle20 stand 838A in the 13th Avenue Shopping Arcade.

You will receive a warm greeting with islanders in town, and you might even catch a glimpse of a Viking or two…

To find out more about Taste of Shetland visit their website HERE.